Shangri-La by XUL1349.

Get it at

and/or visit the artist profile:

You can also check out his interview at the blog:

  • TwinSerpents

    A gold variation is also available.

  • babix

    so rad, love the turqouise one
  • TwinSerpents

    babix said:so rad, love the turqouise one

    Thanks babix. The turquoise seems to be the most popular.
  • cruise

    nice one, xul! i really dig this.

    Dig this!
  • Paul Granese

    Super good work

    really awesome!
  • Tessa Mag

    yeah, this is sweet! loving the turquoise and the mythology.
  • Tom Philibeck

    dang, this is really awesome.
  • TwinSerpents

    Thanks y'all.
  • yansek

    very nice
  • jo trape

    nice :)

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