Designed for Brian Ewing's side project METACRYPT to complement a new designer toy being released at ComiCon this year.
super humbled and excited to have the chance to design this, ive been a fan of Brians work for years now and consider him a peer.

  • cityhall

    whoa. Congrats on working with him too! He is legendary
  • kevinluong

  • Craig Robson

    cityhall said:whoa. Congrats on working with him too! He is legendary

    i know right? i still cant quite fathom it.
  • Tom Philibeck

    Holy Moses
  • fopifopi

    Tom Philibeck said:Holy Moses
  • Di

    kevinluong said:Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
  • Design by Disorder

    This is awesomeballz Craig, Have you seen the toy yet? It looks great too!
  • sebrodbrick

    Tom Philibeck said:Holy Moses
  • TenTimesKarma

    That's the shit right there!
  • Butch the Butcher

  • yansek

    cool shirt
  • tidyink

    Detail looks a bit like an Alien. I'd really like to see your take on Alien(s).

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