New to this whole Mintees shabang! But here's a recent Illustration I have done that's for sale, please message or email me if you're interested, thanks! :)

  • Peachmunkey

  • m_bate

    bang on! does it mean anything??
  • Krys10

    Thanks for the lovely comments! :D

    It doesn't mean anything that fancy I'm afraid, I just went through an obsession with Jackdaws, and really wanted to draw one, they are badass.
  • Menta

    Lovin' this design. Small piece of advice: though the "shine" lines around the bird look cool, it makes it not work that well on the t-shirt. it makes you have to put the whole print really low on the tee just for those lines. and the small thingy on the dagger's handle looks weird
  • Krys10

    Design is now sold!

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