this one is up for sale..and the text can be replace easily
interested hit me up at

  • seveneighties

    this is the full prev
  • Namsing

  • Firman Hatibu

  • seveneighties

    thx guys....
  • Jorge Gutierrez

    fucken awesome!
  • Agustianes

    Wow wow wow.. great!!
  • OptimisticDesigns

    Awesome - I'd reduce the size of that preview, though.
  • oblivion^

    exellent work very nice!!!
  • RectopusArt

    Jorge Gutierrez said:fucken awesome!
  • 13UG-13th

    oblivion^ said:exellent work very nice!!!
  • spazmeer

    Killer :D
    wish I was this good >.<
  • deekin

    OptimisticDesigns said:Awesome - I'd reduce the size of that preview, though.

    Your design is now being printed in Indonesia...
  • TopJimmy

    Namsing said:superb!

    Would LOVE to see you do some process videos... :o)
  • Ryan.K

    Namsing said:superb!
  • seveneighties

    SOLD thanks
  • Brandii

    Love this detail

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