• shimaoka

    cool !!!
  • oblivion^

  • FUSIONproject

    cool one!
  • ominous

  • yansek

    awesome work man! love your style here!
  • cult

  • Greenway

    thanks so much everyone
  • vinbasshred

    I like it. wish I could see the bottom of the design.
  • subsetuk

    Hi we saw your work on Mintees, we are looking for a teeshirt designer for a rock band and your style matches what we are looking for, can you please contact us on 07958395137 or on skype on romaind1234 we have a budget. It's for merch for a tour across Europe so high exposure opportunity. Band is called SUBSET, www.facebook.com/subsetband thanks

    We've been following your work for years and love the work you've done for deathmetal bands.

    SUBSET is not death metal, more heavy psyche postpunk, hope this ok.

    Brief: loud, punk, beach, shark, wave, naked girl, kwerky silly stupid, sand, dancing, moshpit, surf, england, global warming.

    Does this help?


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