Fun personal piece Now up for Sale!
The Death Star didn't stand a chance to the Planet Eater!

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    you better remove it and delete this design from your hard disk also , because it's a straight rip of this one:

  • Omnibit

    Man I promise, Ive followed your stuff a good bit but never seen that. Sorry but, I actually came up with this for real. No joke though I never saw that piece before today. I have plenty of respect for you and your art. I just wanted to do this mash up I thought it was cool idea. Also I dont understand how this is a rip really though its a same style mash up but everything else is different style, idea, color, everything besides the mash up part. People are bound to think closely when they enjoy the same things.

    If it really bothers you though, out of respect I will take it down.

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