done n' Approved for BLINK-182.

  • Rial Demones

     photo BLINK182-IRunThiscitysmall_zps630829fc.jpg
  • Kyle Crawford
    the stroke outline is a little excessive around the logo, but still great
  • Rial Demones

    Thanks Kyle yes i think i need give a double stroke there but that's make the logo looks small, btw thanks for comment.
  • JeffByNight

    Really cool man
  • Namsing

    JeffByNight said:Really cool man
  • oblivion^

    very good work!!!
  • migy

    Want! Is the shirt already available online?

    damn crazy, but how to contact them? or they contacting you?
  • Rial Demones

    Thanks all., this will available at official store
  • Jupit

    you might want to put another "Blink 182" in it, so people know who/what they're looking at ;)

    joking aside: looks rad!
  • babix

    awesome dude
  • adnanueupe

    JeffByNight said:Really cool man
  • Wawak

  • 13UG-13th

  • bemytee

    looks great
  • bleet

    looks so good on a T
  • Rial Demones

    wow thanks all
  • famousburro

    did this shirt ever come out?
  • famousburro

    this is available on their current tour. can't wit to get it
  • famousburro

  • famousburro

    unless that's not it. because it looks similar
  • subsetuk

    Hi we saw your work on Mintees, we are looking for a teeshirt designer for a rock band and your style matches what we are looking for, can you please contact us on 07958395137 or on skype on romaind1234 we have a budget. It's for merch for a tour across Europe so high exposure opportunity. Band is called SUBSET, thanks

    We've been following your work for years and love the work you've done for deathmetal bands.

    SUBSET is not death metal, more heavy psyche postpunk, big fans of Blink and co... hope this ok.

    Brief: loud, punk, beach, shark, wave, naked girl, kwerky silly stupid, sand, dancing, moshpit, surf, england, global warming.

    Does this help?


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