I recently got commissioned to design a festival shirt for this year's Overdrive Festival in Austria. I thought something rat-fink-like would suit the name and most of the bands that are playing. I hate drawing cars but luckily they wanted to have the bands on the front so I was able to cover up most of the car.

  • Peachmunkey

    This is so fucking sick!
  • Dealtruism

    love this !
  • yusmalah

    Peachmunkey said:This is so fucking sick!
  • Jamers

    love those eyeballs!
  • junostudio

    Jamers said:love those eyeballs!
  • iloveantix

    Yea buddy!! LESS THAN JAKE :)
    Love the design - wish I was going to the show!
  • NVasion

    yeah, definitely a sweet line-up. Thanks a lot guys!
  • ThirstyFly

    You did an awesome job.
  • PitchGrim

  • bob_mosquito

    Awesome job!
  • lazyeye

    Nice one, again... Nice touch with the eyeballs. It's a great twist on the subject matter.
  • zamboaga

    you're back! i miss that style man, epic!
  • ndrue182

  • NVasion

    Oh, thanks a lot everyone!
  • Butch the Butcher

  • Cyril Munjid

    love your style man!
  • Geoff May

    I wish the header were arched just to break up all the horizontal lines of type. Other than that, this is ace.
  • NVasion

    I didn't think about that but it's a good advice, thanks a lot!

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