Was commissioned by Fright-Rags to create a promotional giveaway shirt for Fear.net as part of their acquisition of the rights to air old episodes of TALES FROM THE CRYPT at their site. They wanted an old horror-comic cover type design, so this is what I came up with. Not very dynamic, but that sort of thing doesn't really fit with the Cryptkeeper, as he's rather a sedentary fellow, even though I tried a few more action-oriented layouts that were rejected in favor of this simple TV-watching setup.

  • TenTimesKarma

    Fucking Awesome!
  • anjou jo

    amazing art!!!!! love it.
  • NVasion

  • bleet

    DUDE! the guy under the chair is nuts
  • Hoa Designs

    My fucking god!!
    AMAZING dude!
  • Namsing

    NVasion said:perfect!
  • deonic

  • oblivion^

    very nice!! use to love that show...
  • Kyle Crawford

  • Cant Draw Can Write

    It sucks that these cant be bought.
  • Tom Philibeck

    Dude, this is nuts!
    So freaking good!
  • popmonkey

    Wow, thanks folks! I wish this one wasn't meant as a freebie giveaway, so I could point you in the right direction to order one. I think they just gave these out as prizes at cons or contest giveaways -- not 100% sure.
  • kans

    perfect line style. great bro:)
  • TopJimmy

    Nailed it! Would love to learn your halftone technique. :o)
  • lazyeye

    This is incredible... Love love love it!!
  • junostudio

    This is amazing!
  • adnanueupe

    kans said:perfect line style. great bro:)
  • Rial Demones

    love love love
  • Neto

    Love the show - Love the design.....well done...
  • Diginoms

    this looks so amazing

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