Drew this up at the shop while the lady was getting her back tattooed. Finally got around to finishing it.

For sale as well, email me at ahainesart@gmail.com

Alternate colorway

  • Beyond_Ariel

    You got some really good work bro.
  • xul1349

    man, those colors are awesome!
  • OptimisticDesigns

    xul1349 said:man, those colors are awesome!
  • HEROIC artproject

    the colored version is sick man!
  • Beadler

    Nice man
  • vinbasshred

    I like the coloured version so much more!
  • Jason Carne

    Colored one is most excellent.
  • Andrew Haines

    Thanks everybody! I guess I wasn't feeling the colored one as much after staring at it for so long haha. I'm not all the most confident in my coloring either so I appreciate it!

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