I wanted to change it up, and try my hand at making a propaganda poster incorporating the style of the WW2 posters created for the war effort in America. I had this awesome visual picture of FDR using robot legs in the war, and how fantastic that would have been. So, here's an alternate history design. It would be a simulated process print. Hopefully you guys dig it!

vote for it to win on Threadless by clicking and leaving your vote/comment here: http://beta.threadless.com/threadless/franklin-d-roosevelt/
prints/posters available at society 6: http://society6.com/joshuakemble/Franklin-D-Roosevelt-and-his-Amazing-Robot-Legs_Print

More shirts/stuff on:
my website: http://www.joshuakemble.com
my webcomic: http://www.quarterlystories.com

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