Printed on zip-ups for their tour with Yellow Card. Now available in hoodie from from their webstore. It was fun coming up with compass-face icons based off of their songs.

  • kevinluong


  • nlk

    super clean !!!
  • Alejandro Prez

    I'm so bummed, they were supposed to come to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks but the promoter fucked everything up last minute :( This rules tho.
  • lonelykidsclub

    The middle of the compass reminds me so much of a pokeball.
  • babix

    ^^looks like too much pokemon for you lol

    i like the illustrations on compass, nice work!
  • Craig Robson

    so damn good!
  • Barbar Monkey

    Craig Robson said:so damn good!
  • kevinluong

    Thanks, dudes!

  • kevinluong

    Thanks, Jeremy!
  • Tom Philibeck

    This is so perfect!
  • sonar

    Tom Philibeck said:This is so perfect!
  • Nightland

  • drop

  • taki tricks

    Nightland said:sweet!
  • kimovski17

  • Cyril Munjid

    looks great!
  • kevinluong

    Thanks, everyone!
  • tombstone14

    awesome dude!
  • DEV13

    epic sir :)

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