Another commission for one of my favorite clients, FRIGHT-RAGS. I was lucky enough to get to create a tshirt illustration for one of my favorite horror movie remakes from the 80's, THE BLOB. I watched this movie over and over when it came out on VHS (I even had the novelization of it), and have since introduced my daughter to it on DVD, whereupon she instantly fell in love with it.

Instead of trying to capture any of the celebrity likenesses or do some sort of montage of blobby scenes, I thought I'd stick to one powerful image of the Blob dissolving one of the poor slobs who was sent into the sewers after the shapeless beast.

Brush & ink with Photoshop colors.

  • dobi

    don't know why you weren't on auto-approve, done.
  • popmonkey

    Thanks, dobi. I appreciate it.
  • Richy Sampson

    Ha ha, this is brilliant. Absolutely love that movie and should give it a re-watch. Also love that this is traditionally inked - big props!
  • oblivion^

    great work

    your stuff is unreal.

    Damn good!
  • Nightland

    Stunning work. This is right up there with the quality of professional comic books.
  • Cutty.

    So good!
  • TenTimesKarma

    So Awesome!
  • Crowact

  • cityhall

    Are you kidding me right now?! You are on such a rampage its not even funny
  • Alpha Statuz

    Kevin Dillon at his finest. Was he rockin a mullet in that movie..?
  • bleet

    im nicknaming you the "godfather"
  • vinbasshred

    yeah man you're on fire! Flawless technique.
  • ThreeDZukini

    That is fan-flippin'-tastic!! :D
  • J.W.C.

    Love your work! always blows me away!
  • TopJimmy

    SURE to do WELL for Fright Rags! Excellent! Exactly the kind of originals he needs to stay out of trouble. Love Ya! ;o)~
  • aryannets


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