• Abacrombie INK


  • Abacrombie INK

    TONY MIDI said:RAD!!!

    Thanks Tony!
    Your Work is awesome!
  • munkiestrike

  • Dnrdesign

    Very good artwork!
  • Crowact

    Looks awesome!

    Crowact said:Looks awesome!
  • Namsing


  • Abacrombie INK

    thanks guys!
    Soundtrack and title by Ralph Stanley
  • xSRGLx

    super cool!
  • Glojors

    xSRGLx said:super cool!
  • oblivion^

    cool design
  • Nightland

    Love this! Is it hand-drawn?
  • Abacrombie INK

    Nightland said:Love this! Is it hand-drawn?

    Thanks so much guys
    no man, i use photoshop and wacom bamboo..
    thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed
  • Nightland

    Wow, fooled me, lol. I know photoshop and wacom, but what the hell is bamboo? Apologies, as you may have guessed I'm at the sponge phase of tee design and just sucking up as much info as possible...
  • Abacrombie INK

    hahaha..no problem!
    bamboo is a simple model of wacom, look:
  • Nightland

    aaah ok I have a Wacom tablet, but I'm buggered if I can get anything to look as nice as hand-drawn stuff. Hence I toil away with pen and ink...

    I shoud have saved some money and got one of these, my wacom is just a very expensive colouring-in set these days.
  • tuleonk


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