• Greg Abbott

  • inkcorf

    So funny.. love that .GIF preview
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks inkcorf!
  • TenTimesKarma

    Yes!!!!!!!!! Awesome! And i'm gonna be expecting GIF's like this from your designs from now on!
  • Kyle Crawford

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is awesome
  • Matt Borchert

    that gif is so rad
  • call me ichsan

    funny bear, so awesome like this!
  • deonic

    Nice character, nice wiggle stereogram!
  • Micah

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks 10x!
    Thanks Kyle!
    Thanks Matt!
    Thanks Call me ichsan!
    Thanks deonic!
    Thanks Micah!
  • oblivion^

    nice work!!
  • Crowact

    inkcorf said:So funny.. love that .GIF preview
  • 13UG-13th

    Lovely really like the GIF preview haha :)
  • iamthetrend

    so good! love the gif. felt like it was coming out of the screen!
  • A.L.D

    That gif is just perfect
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks oblivion!
    Thanks Crowact!
    Thanks 13!
    Thanks iamthetrend!
    Thanks A.L.D!
  • chriskillerartworx

    yeah! looove that GIF :)
  • martinNZ09

    WOW, this is brilliant
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Chris!
    Thanks Martin!
  • Tom Philibeck

    Greg, Greg, Greg. You are just too incredible, sir.
  • TwinSrpnt

    Someone needs to invent animated screenprinting.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Tom!
    Thanks TwinSrpnt!
  • heliousbdg

    i like it
  • horacekjoe

    HOLY. Shit. This is fresh.
  • Zomby boy

  • bleet

    Greg is evolving, didnt think thats possible but evolution Greg evolution.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks heliousbdg!
    Thanks Horace!
    Thanks Zomby!
    Thanks Bleet!
  • pasifvoice

    wow! awesome style!
  • AJQAFLOQ2013

    What's not to love about his one!!
  • jamesWright

    13UG-13th said:Lovely really like the GIF preview haha :)

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