Part of the Newest Grave Takers Line

  • fuggart

    literally wearing this right now! I get some looks though as you can see my nippers through it in this winter weather
  • tidyink

    Black cats rule. I'm releasing a new black cat design in the next couple of days!
  • x Nau x

    Favorite from the new line.
  • chriskillerartworx

  • Tom Philibeck

    I wish this had been printed on ash or heather because I love it, but I don't wear white tees.
    I'm wearing the wolf tee right now, though and I love it.
  • Matt Borchert

    I liked this because fuggart said nippers
  • gemart_design

  • uglybetsy

    tidyink said:Black cats rule.
  • artbywesley

    does that cat have 3 legs?
  • Kyle Crawford

    no, the back right (visual left) one is propped up like the front one you just cant see it
  • Greg Abbott

  • Rocket Wolf

  • youngbossteam

  • Kyle Crawford

    havent gotten one of these in about 3 years

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