Happy new year Boils and Ghouls! Here is a look at the art I did for one of the limited edition FEARnet Tales from The Crypt T-shirts. I used to watch the series as a kid so this was a great nostalgic piece to work on :) Hope you are all set for a great 2013!

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  • Christopher Lovell

    christopher lovell art tales from the crypt
  • Cryface666

    absolutely fucking amazing!!!!!!!
  • Craig Robson

  • TwinSrpnt

    For the tv channel?

    You keep getting better and better.
  • Christopher Lovell

    Yes TwinSrpnt! Thanks for the kind words guys!
  • Joe Dirt

    Craig Robson said:unreal.
  • Kyle Crawford

    need it! you need to work on your detail shots though man
    this is easily bootleggable
  • itcamefromthesky

    Kyle Crawford said:need it! you need to work on your detail shots though man
    this is easily bootleggable

    Already printed 200 that I'm selling on Ebay! If anyone wants one, hit me up!

    Seriously though, this is mind melting. I want one ASAP!
  • Crowact

    Cryface666 said:absolutely fucking amazing!!!!!!!
  • TenTimesKarma

    Fuck yeah!
  • MonkeyMouth

    Chris. this is insaaaaaane!
  • Barbar Monkey

    Craig Robson said:unreal.
  • downrodeo

  • gemart_design

  • Greenway

    super impressive
  • oblivion^

    always great work
  • Christopher Lovell

    Thanks for the kind words guys! Appreciated :)
  • Cutty.

    Awesome as always!
  • jamesWright

    Cryface666 said:absolutely fucking amazing!!!!!!!
  • toohard88

  • taki tricks

    oh goshh!!
  • bonfire

    stunning work chris
  • bleet

    i must have this
  • Donghan

  • jamesWright

    oblivion^ said:always great work
  • adnanueupe

    Cryface666 said:absolutely fucking amazing!!!!!!!

    Killer as always!
  • Sic Sweet

    so freaking awesome!
  • skytree

  • TopJimmy

    Never missed an episode..always caught my little boy look'n away from this scene..lol..Good Stuff Son! Good Stuff! Now get busy with the video productions will ya!? :o)~

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