i have been pretty inactive here in mintees for the last few months. i've been really busy with other projects non related to tees, but i managed to work on this mummy design over the last few days. i've always liked pharaohs and egyptian mythology and it felt great to draw this one. maybe i've added to many details but i'm happy with it.

artwork is for sale: joelamatguell@hotmail.com

psd file // 4 inks // colors can be changed and text added if needed

hope you like it!

here are a couple of progress shots and a close up:

  • sydfly

    saw it on tumblr, this is crazy man!! :D
  • JO3L

    sydfly said:saw it on tumblr, this is crazy man!! :D

    thanks man! i'm really happy with it:)
  • parin

    Awesome! i love the details on it :)
  • JO3L

    parin said:Awesome! i love the details on it :)

    thanks a lot! i took a while to finish this one haha!

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