Printed on Ash Grey American Apparel tees, 1 colour halftone.

Available from -

Yep! x

  • Joshua Jordan

    You already did! My lady's gonna lose it when I show her this.
  • Craig Robson

    so coooooooot!
  • Sam Weinberg

    Craig Robson said:so coooooooot!

    I awwww'd.
  • strifecloud

    i like snow leopards! =^_^=
  • jumpy

    he's adorable
  • Deformed Giraffe

    Love it...but why in the description do you put 'For longevity of the print / garment, wash inside out on 30, hang dry' What print method you using?
  • Will Petersen

    The print will hold up whatever you wash it at, AA garments on the other hand can be prone to shrinking. I always wash shirts like that, keeps 'em fresh!

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