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  • Serji Gold

    • I would say that you have too many typefaces in one composition.
    • You could of used the same font for "PERMANENT" as "WHEN" or vice versa.
    • The capital "R" with the tail is missing some texture on the end, which looks odd.
    • The "E" in "WHEN" has a weird (not sure of the proper name for it) middle extension, since none of the letters have such a sharp ending. Replacing it with a similar serif would be best.
  • twicolabs

    thanks for the advices, Serji. highly appreciated!
  • twicolabs

  • Serji Gold

    The update is much nicer, but I preferred less texture like on the last one. Keep it up!
  • xNoYaMx

  • DanielAndHisArt

    i would get rid of the texture all together. i dont think it is needed at all.

  • Mr. Doodle

    xNoYaMx said:Lovely!
  • KyleAuga

    I personally love this design and find the variations of the different fonts unique and it adds to its creative look. I can see why a slightly more simple variation of fonts would be desired, but I would just make a whole new design with fewer fonts and leave this one alone.
  • ThirstyFly

    Perfect type.
  • Fun is Awesome

    nice. awesome type treatment.

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