Looooonnnggg time since I last posted. Thought I'd get the ball rolling again with some recent personal work. I'm experimenting with keeping pencil and ink a lot more obvious in my T-Shirt designs lately. This artwork is for sale and designed so a more traditional T-Shirt placement is also possible. Plenty of space up top for band or brand logo etc. If full colour printing is not an option, I can have a go at reducing this image to 6 colours. Contact me if interested. Cheers!

  • Christopher Lovell

    Ziusudra, Ziusudra art by christopher lovell art
  • Satangelica

    amazing artwork as always!
  • engineer

    amazing tones..
    and also the idea..
  • Christopher Lovell

    Satangelica said:amazing artwork as always!

    Thank you!! Love your stuff too, always keep an eyeball out for it on Facebook :)
  • chriskillerartworx

    ace! tones fit so good to the theme.
  • inkcorf

    love as always..
  • oblivion^

    very cool
  • sla muerta

    oblivion^ said:very cool
  • Firman Hatibu

    Cool :)
  • Rial Demones

    Amazing !!!!!
  • bleet

    so sick watching your process video and picking up on how you create stuff, awesome work

    Rial Demones said:Amazing !!!!!
  • yansek

    so fascinating! I really like the idea here.
  • pzychopART


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