Some client work i did recently...

  • Tyrants

    Oh man I love this.
  • chriskillerartworx

    i like this. has a BIG gnarzilla vibe if you ask me :P
  • bob_mosquito

    Thanks guys. Chris, i see what you mean. Client wanted something fun and classy with bold lines and less detail than my usual stuff. I watched at some old cartoons of the 30s when i made this.
  • SugarCoated

    This is Rad! really sharp
  • killland

    It's simply and very perfect.
  • Rial Demones

    killland said:Cool!!
    It's simply and very perfect.
  • bob_mosquito

    Thank you, SugarCoated, killland and Real Demones.

    Nice! I dig it
  • bob_mosquito

    Thanks, GNARZILLA. ;) Much appreciated.
  • toohard88

    wow nice!
  • Mr. Hellbound

    Thats "GREAT"!!! absolutely eyecatchin!!!

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