I just launched my t-shirt company, GunBoy Brand. This design along with the classic logo tee are the first prints available.

GunBoy Brand is action culture art on t-shirts. The designs will be inspired by iconic action movies, video games, gun culture, and anything else related to explosion-filled bad-assery.

This design, titled Yin-Bang, illustrates the necessary evil of weapons and a philosophy I like to call "ending violence with violence."

  • junostudio

    This is great!
  • cmeyers

    wouldn't wear, not my thing, but hot damn this is good.
  • chad manzo

    well done!
  • dovemans

    the guns are really nice stylized but the guns look a bit livetraced around the chamber part.
  • Tyrants

    Wow super neat concept! A+
  • ThirstyFly

  • bonfire

    badum tsch
  • bonfire

    badum tsch

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