• oblivion^

  • olinokus

    amazing as always !!!
  • ForWhomTheBellTolls

    Back to the true-gore?
  • yansek

    love it.
  • sla muerta

  • Greenway

    thanks very much guys
  • ananta


  • amos basilo

    olinokus said:amazing as always !!!
  • Iron Heart Graphic

    Love this.
  • Cant Draw Can Write

    DrSnowman said:DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY! He does the work, gets paid, then sells the same artwork to other people. He's a total fraud! I'm not even sure if he actually does the work or if he's stealing it from other artists. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!!! HE'S A CROOK!!!! If anyone purchased a "Zombie Cowgirl" design, please contact me privately! Thank you!!!!

    This guy is a moron. I purchased this piece of artwork right here from him for the band I Am Abomination and the Greenway was a pleasure to work with. I paid him within 2 days claiming the piece and he sent me the art within an hour of getting the payment. Why dont you fuck right off man.

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