“Pushing Up Daisies” is an original hand carved and printed block print. Pushing up Daisies is an old American idiom for one being “Dead and Buried.”


  • sicknico

    Damn! this is cool!
  • Craig Robson

    love it man!
  • iz kari

    like it,
  • Tyrants

    sicknico said:Damn! this is cool!
  • inkcorf

    Really Amazing!
  • Design by Disorder

    Looks great Derrick!
  • jjworthington

    are you going to be at porter flea in december?
  • Death-Tricity

    I love this a lot, I just got done with a poster that has the same style of layout with the shovel and coffin. HaHa Guess I wont be posting mine its way to close to your layout.

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

    @jjworthington, I put in my application but they have not informed me whether or not I have a spot yet. I hope to be there!
  • RichardClayton

  • Sjkraemer

    This is a great design
  • bob_mosquito

    sicknico said:Damn! this is cool!
  • sicovercast

    pretty cool man!
  • ndough

    awesome Guys
  • Mr. Doodle

    sicknico said:Damn! this is cool!
  • Aaron Brodeur

    I have a ton of respect for traditional methods, especially block prints. Excellent concept and design
  • djajalangit

    Great Artwork

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