This one need a home. Text can be added.
Feel free to email me if you interested.
Thank you.

  • commwarrior

    Love it!
  • Ryan.K

    clean like it..
  • sicovercast

    clean and loved it!
  • skeletorART

  • TheGux

  • inkcorf

    Thanks a lot guys.
  • BCHC

    What is this design about? Just asking.
  • inkcorf

    BCHC said:What is this design about? Just asking.

    It's about passion that flare up in what someone believe
  • vhart24

    great :D
  • inkcorf

    vhart24 said:great :D

    Thanks man :)
  • ThirstyFly

    Really great drawing.
  • inkcorf

    Thank you dude :)
  • oblivion^

  • inkcorf

    Thanks oblivion.

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