here's a drawing i did yesterday inspired in a movie i saw a couple nights ago. i'll let you guess which movie it is, but i'll just tell you that Jesse Eissenber has a small part in it.

anyways, artwork is for sale, mail me if interested:

psd file /// 5 colors /// text can be added

hope you like it.

  • Serji Gold

    This is purdy!
  • JO3L

    Serji Gold said:This is purdy!

    cheers man! glad you dig it :)
  • cityhall

  • barzaly

  • kans

  • deekin

    The Scarlet Letter or Goldilocks?..
  • JO3L

    deekin said:The Scarlet Letter or Goldilocks?..

    nope :) it's about The Village haha
  • JO3L

    cityhall said:Awesome!

    barzaly said:Awesome!

    kans said:like

    TKS lowskill said:
    cityhall said:Awesome!

    thanks a lot guys!!

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