Vinny from Halfcut let me do anything i wanted so i made this seance skull thing for the summer release.

i love all the seance hoaxes and theatrical style of the 20's "mediums"

pick one up:

  • TenTimesKarma

    Man that is great! Love everything about this!
  • deekin

    Yes pleez... So cool.
  • iamoath

    Really love the play on the nose.
  • cruise

    fucking incredible
  • quakerninja

    Nice work Mr.
  • Pasill

    always RAD!!
  • Namsing

    cruise said:fucking incredible
  • Jason Carne

    Nice, favorite from the line!
  • John Hobbs

    Love it!!

    cruise said:fucking incredible
  • ThirstyFly

    That is just stellar. I just did a play on a skull, too with animals. I love yours!

  • fopifopi

  • augie

    hate to be a negative nancy, but that text getting all smushed is buggin me. :/
    illustration is fantastic tho!
  • Craig Robson

    no problem! thanks so much guys!
  • NVasion

    great concept
  • bleet

    dude seriously well done, looked like fun to work on
  • drop

    love this!
  • Craig Robson

    thanks so much people. it was way fun to work on!
  • JO3L

    awesome. i love the classic feel of it :)
  • Rivan

    drop said:love this!
  • VandalLeague

    This is real tight man! I dig it!
  • markusmanson


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