just joined at mintess c n c very appreciated
Artwork’s up for sale, hit me up at rey_hans84@yahoo.com if you’re interested.
Hope you guys like it.

  • Craig Robson

    great piece of art but get an avatar.
  • lazyeye

    damn homie.
  • oblivion^

    great work !! and welcome :)
  • Grimalkin

    Craig Robson said:great piece of art but get an avatar.
  • adnanueupe

  • lineart3angle

    Craig Robson said:great piece of art but get an avatar.

    A V A T A R
  • seveneighties

    im sorry about the avatar...didnt realize yet until you guys said so...:)
    thank you so much guys...
  • Anthony Smith

    Woah, awesome.
  • Firman Hatibu

  • seveneighties

    this maybe some details on it...
  • bagoes780s

    eeaaaaa...... i see distortion can burn the church... am glad is not my office that you burned with your pen distortion lol...
  • ridiculousart

    your artwork always awesome!!
    welcome to mintees rey!

    woooww,,, Mind blowing!!
  • jonas art

    incredible art!
  • heat.

    nice illo!
  • Somaon

    dope shit !
  • duneart

    welcome to mintees rey
    love your all work
  • grah

    this man is awesome, i tell you :)
  • cityhall

    Super impressive
  • MonsterouX

    this is amazing !
  • redfox

    great work dude!!!
  • kricriboss

    great!! i want it!!
  • Yudha Lu

    TONY MIDI said:woooww,,, Mind blowing!!
  • Azrhon

  • Douglas Ehm

    wow, amazing

  • Rifky setyawan

    so cool

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