• Kyle Crawford

    the o could stand out more
    looks mega rushed
  • Koustic Apparel

    I really like it =)
  • Eureka!!!

    I agre with kyle, but still pretty rad tee.
  • Kyle Crawford

    That and the kerning on the band name is ungodly awful
  • crucialcounty

    Why doesn't Kyle give any positive words along with his negative critique? Kyle? Every post you make is always sorta jacked. Tell him what to do instead of pointing out the bad.
  • Kyle Crawford

    1) I can say whatever I want
    2) if the dude is going to act like hot shit and post a design thinking its glorious etc etc, I am going to point out its flaws
    3) believe it or not, me nit picking his shit, will make him more aware for future design
    4) its obviously too late the band is on tour and most likely took it, meaning any critique whatsoever is void and pointless
    5) I dont have to help a god damned person, this is a dog eat dog cutthroat business were in. if some dude who is competing for my spot, or even a small piece of it, I am going to put their ass in check and most certainly am not going to help them

    the design sucks, its sloppy and hes trying to post as if its good and great and is looking for attention.
    I am not going to be the one who gives it to him, in a positive fashion that is

    get used to it
  • Grizz_Medina

    he's right this is a Cutthroat business, but only because assholes like Kyle live up to it.

    Great Designer...shitty attitude. I look through all the tee designs and 99% of most tees you shit on them. Have fun selling your brand to little hipster teens on tours for has been bands.
  • Perception Apparel

    Normally idc what you say because everyone has their opinion but it seems like you are trying bash him for no reason... you obviously visited this tee several times just to add more comments that arent needed or helpful and then say stuff like
    "this dude is going to act like hot shit" The only thing he has done is post tees that he has done... he never comments on anything and never acts like he is hot shit... So I dont see why you are so heated over his art work or think he is going around acting like "hot shit"

    I dont know what your problem with him or his designs are but it just seems a little unneeded.

    that being said its not my favorite tee of yours but It still looks good, keep up the good work man
  • D.B.J

    Koustic Apparel said:I really like it =)
  • smsnlwsn

    "Cutthroat business".. We design T-Shirt.. We don't sell meth.
  • sgarland

    Awesome design! Sorry it's not Electric Zombie.

    smsnlwsn said:"Cutthroat business".. We design T-Shirt.. We don't sell meth.

    wooww luv u Mr Saint!

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