The fine folks at Fright-Rags were kind enough to ask me to work on another design for them, and I had to jump at the chance to bring this one to life. In a similar vein as my RE-ANIMUPPET design, which was a mashup of Re-Animator with the Muppets, this one is a Muppet-style take on RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD -- one of my favorite zombie movies ever! Based on the unintentional gag of having two main characters named Burt and Ernie, we decided to change those characters into... Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, of course, and give some of the other characters a Muppet-makeover! The shirt will be up for preorder at Fright-Rags from July 4th through July 8th, so don't miss out! It's strictly a limited edition!

  • popmonkey

  • chad manzo

    WOW! careful with that preview though.
  • Obscure

    haha awesome!
  • NVasion

    this rules.
  • cityhall


  • WLH2

    You think this is a fuckin' costume? This is a way of life.
  • John Hobbs

    Love it!!

    NVasion said:this rules.
  • adnanueupe

    John Hobbs said:Love it!!
  • Somaon

    Love It!!
  • bob_mosquito

    Lovely! Don´t know why, but Ernies left glove reminds me on some Scene in Fight Club...
  • undeadwarehouse

    Dude, awesome shirt. I got to see it in person at Monster Mania. You are very talented.

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