In times past, hunters participated in extensive rituals following the death of a big game animal taken while hunting, including a toast to the fallen animal itself.

Hunters would give thanks to the Stag, and to God, for the resulting nourishment. Respect for the fallen, and seeking a blessing for the meat, and honoring the death of the Stag, for he died so you may live.

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    Really amazing! Love all of these.
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    I love these. So awesome!
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    wow ! great works !
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    damn woodcutting!
  • heat.

    the wood block was awesome and the tee looks really good!

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    Print those shirts! I think they'd sell well.
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    Infinite Black said:Print those shirts! I think they'd sell well.
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    i think i might be in love with you!
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    you never disappoint. this rules!
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    Must have missed this somehow, it's killer!
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    I don't know if it was intentional, but the first picture look like a tiger or some sort of feline.
    Amazing art!!!
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    These are so rad man!
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    THIS is dedication. Amazing job man!
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    Simply cant get enough of the Castle. Great work.

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