This one was unapproved, Artwork is for sale


  • PitchGrim

    Love every bit of this.
  • Kyle Crawford

  • migy

    Hell yeah! Too bad they passed.

    woow crazy,
  • Jason Carne

    Absolutely nuts that this was rejected.
  • Streetcorner

    Idiots! It's just so good.
  • Paul Granese

    Holy SHIT this rules.
  • oblivion^

    nice work cool idea
  • 13UG-13th

    Awesome!Too bad they passed.
  • x Nau x

  • agung maskund

    migy said:Hell yeah! Too bad they passed.
  • Joshua Jordan

    Just going to put this out there . . . one of my favourite designs ever posted.
  • OptimisticDesigns

    Jason Carne said:Absolutely nuts that this was rejected.
  • Setup85

    Kyle Crawford said:what....the....fuck....
  • atomicchild

    yeah this is damn good
  • Sam Kaufman

    Sad stuff. Design is perfect
  • jeremiah was a

    Love the detail of the bomb and everything, just fucking solid.
  • TenTimesKarma

    Love everything about this! So damn good!
  • Aicomatic

  • Ryan.K

    x Nau x said:Perfect!
  • Craig Robson

    fucking brilliant stuff.
  • JeffByNight

    thanks guys! They said up front they were trying to move away from wartime/weaponry shit so i knew going in it probably wouldn't make the cut, oh well
  • RichardClayton

    Yep I too am amazed they passed up on this. Awesome work.
  • Sic Sweet

    Seriously way bad ass!
  • justinryan

    great stuff, dude
  • JeffByNight

    Thanks man, Justin I'll be emailing you for some info sometime today
  • rasefour

    RichardClayton said:Yep I too am amazed they passed up on this. Awesome work.
  • Griggitee

  • Ruthless1

    How do you get that texture/effect like that? Ive been trying to figure it out but cant find any tutorials, i dont know what its called. Any help would be appreciated.


    Wow. cant believe they passed.
  • inkcorf

    PitchGrim said:Love every bit of this.
  • brain & machine

    Awesome concept and execution man. And this was unapproved.....WOW.
  • Tom Philibeck

    holy crap.
  • Smiths Canvas

    Make sure when someone buys this you don't give it the wrong home. Shit is too good to just be picked up by someone with a check.
  • Sam Weinberg

    Shame it didn't get picked up, this is perfect.
  • Rockhart

    Seriously awesome.
  • adnanueupe

    Craig Robson said:fucking brilliant stuff.
  • ExaltedByMark.

    This is beyond perfect for them.
  • jackdisconnect

    is the artwork still available? would love to get it for my band...

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