Did this a while ago. Not sure what color shirt this will be printed on

  • Matt Borchert

    Very cool
  • gaunty

    Probably one of my faves from you in a while. Works really well. I would like to see a little more space between the F, I and R but I'm being picky. Nice one Cody.
  • Barbar Monkey

    Matt Borchert said:Very cool

    Extremely sexy.
  • Realistnw

  • Jake Ward

    DOOOM said:Extremely sexy.
  • Craig Robson

    love the little bird at the top, great touch!
  • iloveantix

    Yea man this is slick!
  • Perception Apparel

    Now this looks cool!
  • MonkeyMouth

    This is ace Cody!
    They contacted me as well, but kept saying that the band didnt like this and that and blablabla.
    Eventually i just stopped ha

    looks killer Cody!
  • cityhall

    This looks smooth.
  • kayas

    DOOOM said:Extremely sexy.
  • James Dean

    I like the swords, makes it look really tough. The red looks nice, maybe black as well!!!

    love everything about this!

    Love the gold BG
  • Highscore

    awesome work mate. these guys are hard to please but you cant deny this shit!
  • Pixeloid

    is this artwork for sale?
    how can i pay for it , and what kind of file do i get?
  • dolphinflip

    This is sick! I love MMF.
  • Sam Weinberg

    Great textures.
  • jjworthington

    Craig Robson said:love the little bird at the top, great touch!
  • sharksinyermouth

  • Victra

    sharksinyermouth said:

    Exactly what I JUST THOUGHT! some gorgeous work man!
  • PitchGrim

    Haha thanks!
  • Craftee™

    The whole thing just falls perfectly together

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