This linocut concept was inspired by some old Civil War ration stamps I spotted at a museum on Ocracoke Island, NC. While this shirt isn't government-issued, I'm sure you could trade it for food if need be.

Printed on American Apparel 50/50 Blend

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  • atomicchild

    really like what you are doing with this brand...solid stuff
  • Tom Philibeck

    Yeah, this is rad!
  • inkefx

    Appreciate the feedback.
  • Infinite Black

    Wow, that's a cool concept. Very interesting.
  • SethByrd

    Hey I just got back from Ocracoke Island about a week ago!
    Those mosquitoes were vicious..
  • inkefx

    Haha, yeah I bet man. We were there back in when it was a little cooler. Love that place! Nice to just leave your car in one spot for the whole trip and just ride bikes!

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