My wife is the director of an animal shelter. The shelter, Safe House (), participated in a national black pet adoption event. Black animals have much lower adoption rates. They're arguably less flashy and there's an unfortunate cultural, superstitious stigma attached to them.

I created this tee for the volunteers at the event to wear and for the shelter to sell for fundraising. I kept the design one color to save on production costs for the shelter.

  • Frenden

  • Frenden

    I got to do some fun studies for this one!
  • _starryeyez_

    Good luck with the fundraising,Very cool tshirt btw.
  • challen14

    Frenden this is amazing !

    Frenden said:I got to do some fun studies for this one!

    LOVE this!!
  • explodinghead

    Amazing as always! Great work for a great cause!
  • Infinite Black

    This is awesome, and the cause sounds great as well. If I may, my only criticism would be that the heavy shading in the illustration is too uniform, making it hard to distinguish between the animal's face, hair, jacket, etc. Again, I love it, just thought I'd toss in my 2 cents.
  • C A T S N E E Z E

    I love this ! - great cause, my girlfriend works for a local animal shelter and I love helping them out where I can.

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