A shirt design inspired by Break Even's song 'Hell's Gates', which is about a place in Australia.

"So far from home... with the sounds of waves crashing below me"

  • gurven

    this is awesome

    Very rad!

  • heat.

  • JeffByNight

    nice dude
  • kevinluong

  • Glenn

    Thanks guys!
  • Jamers

    love it man
  • Involuntary

    Very cool!
  • cityhall

    fuuuuck. I was making a design exactly like this
  • Craig Robson

    fuck yes!
  • Glenn

    cityhall said:fuuuuck. I was making a design exactly like this

    Would love to see it man!

    Involuntary said:Very cool!

    jeff kardos said:you are amazing

    Craig Robson said:fuck yes!

    Thanks guys!
  • TenTimesKarma

    I'd wear the living shit out of this!
  • dovemans

    super swell
  • Tom Philibeck

    So damn rad!
  • chriskillerartworx

    this is so damn good!
  • Jason Oddone

    perfect execution.
  • Infinite Black

    So great.
  • dobi

    don't know how i missed this, awesome.
  • Glenn

    Thanks everyone!
  • FishCity

    Why isn't this a poster on everyone's walls?
  • Neto

    I love the lonely guy at the edge of the rock..

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