• RRAL

    The lines are clean, and over all it's nice work. Not really feeling the wood grain on both the shield and handles. Also the Handel would be be in the center of the hammer head not on the end, just wouldn't work right.
  • Alteration

  • agung maskund

    i like your work!
  • kirikanan.illustration

  • Craig Robson

    is that a hammer or an axe or??
  • closetnerd

    I dig this. You probably should center the hammer on the handle, however.
  • drop

    I'm pretty sure this is GBI.
  • Tom Philibeck

    Yeah, there's something fishy about this guy.
  • ashworx

    Tom Philibeck said:Yeah, there's something fishy about this guy.

    you're fishy kid!
  • joelendurance

    Nice! Is this one for sale?

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