YUMMY TENTACLE CEREALS! Crunchy corn-loops with a fishy taste. Free toy inside (batteries not included). Based on some old point-and-click adventure-game you may have heard of...

  • popmonkey

    Love your style. THis is great.
  • Butch the Butcher

    yeah, post more! :D
  • Roxxilla Clothing

    looks awesome! musst unbedingt mehr davon posten!
  • ForWhomTheBellTolls

    Day of the Tentacle?
  • mackyscreation

    cereals is great when it is printed! good job

    Haha loveee it !
  • chriskillerartworx

    yeeeeeah - da isset :) great job.
  • taki tricks

    popmonkey said:Love your style. THis is great.
  • bob_mosquito

    Whoa! Thank you so much, guys. :) Yepp. Day of the tentacle. As a kid, i used to play these kind of games all the time...
  • E+N

    popmonkey said:Love your style. THis is great.
  • oblivion^

    very cool!!!
  • S-CAPS

    popmonkey said:Love your style. THis is great.
  • sweetsbrutal

    wow! love your style.
  • ndrue182

    i love your style....very much.
  • heat.

    Lucas arts point and click were the shit!

    Nice work, love the shadows of the tentacle.
  • bob_mosquito

    Again: Thank you sooo much guys! It is absolutely stunning to get such a great response from so talented people like you. :)
  • Nours_Maloso

    Hi! very nice work!!!

    Where can I found it ???
  • bob_mosquito

    Thank you, Sir! Actually this design is up for Voting over here: http://bit.ly/N2LrEi

    So, if you want this to be available in their shop, you´ll have to throw me your vote. (6 Points) ;)
  • itsskateboard


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