done for FRAU soloist piano. indonesia jogjakarta
you can check her on


  • Jason Carne

    Wow, this is really cool minus the text, love the colors.
  • Paul Granese

    Definitely see the JDB/ Mucha influence in this, great work.

  • lazyeye

    whoa, killer stuff.
  • 13artwork

    MainframeMedia said:Wow, this is really cool minus the text, love the colors.

    RAD !
  • Acid

    This is amazing. Her fingers look a little weird and the text could be better but I could picture this as a great tattoo. Well done.
  • Lion Caster

    this is crazy! the colors are beautifully arranged.
  • jeremiah was a

    lazyeye said:whoa, killer stuff.
  • adnanueupe


    this is pure amazing!!
  • S-CAPS

  • popmonkey

    Yes, please -- this is gorgeous!
  • Napalm Tree

    Sick illo. Reminds me of John Baizley.
  • stringworx

  • kayas

    awesome and welcome, pal
  • Butch the Butcher

    sick details!
  • taki tricks

    totally awesome,man!
  • vrugarth

    thanks a lot, pal. haha yep big credit for JDB.
  • TenTimesKarma

  • gapnod

    WOW! love the details.
  • ominous

  • _starryeyez_

    Amazing work.Really beautiful.
  • vrugarth

    thanks for the criticsm and compliment. I really appreciate it. :)

    _starryeyez_ said:Amazing work.Really beautiful.
  • kirikanan.illustration

    _starryeyez_ said:Amazing work.Really beautiful.
  • drawsgood

    Gorgeous work. One thing I do notice, some of the shading on her arm makes it look a little dirty. Other than that, wonderful.
  • deathtaker

    hi skill & very talented,keep it up sir
  • chriskillerartworx

  • Infinite Black

    Awesome colors and technique. It has clear influences, but it stands well on it's own too.
  • closetnerd

    fuck, I love this.
  • iPrimo

    Definitely a dope design. Usually not my style but I would rock this no question.
  • tcdesigns

    Hi guys was wondering if anybody could help me? I was wondering how you do the textures/ shading like this? I've been trying to do it with my tablet and its just not working.
  • vrugarth

    yea i think i put the wrong shading right there. i was gonna make it looks more real and mix with the gesture but it conclude doesn't looks that way. well, thanks for the advice anyway. for mr. tcdesigns: actually I make the shading with doing some dot in the sketch. then a little bit brush for finishing. give it a try :)
  • Alteration

    TONY MIDI said:this is pure amazing!!
  • popmonkey

    Tee of the Day. Snap.
  • yoga

    good to see you here!
  • 24hours Artwork

    Love the colors! Awesome!
  • anggraserigala

    flawless victory
  • Wawiryan

    Great as always mate :)

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