Part of a series I'm doing on deceased celebrities.

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  • DanielAndHisArt

    Nice linework, Paul. Really dig that shading on the face and neck. Looks clean (but dirty?)

  • TenTimesKarma

    love this one Paul. post the other designs in this series!
  • S-CAPS

  • taki tricks

  • C A T S N E E Z E

    so freakin' good ! I wanna see more.
  • austin pardun

    Killer work paul, love the shading
  • bleet

    such a fresh feel to this
  • Andrew Haines

    Lovey lovey love
  • Paul Granese

    Thanks guys, appreciate it-
  • kayas

    cool detail man
  • Sam Weinberg

    this is great!
  • lazyeye

    Jam up piece Paul, looking forward to more of these. Great technique.
  • heat.

    I like these crystals.
  • cruise

    super awesome rendering.
  • domeh

    Great job Paul.
  • Love Sick

    amazing stippling as usual Paul
  • nicoji

    super awesome!

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