There's nowhere to hide!
Design for Electric Zombie summer line 2012.
Available here:
Also available as a Tank Top:

  • cityhall

    so good
  • kayas

    yeaaah, here it comes to be liked!
  • chad manzo

    rules hard.
  • virman

    cool . i like coloring of mask
  • 13UG-13th

    cityhall said:so good
  • lonelykidsclub

    fuck yeah!
  • heat.

    great composition.
  • ndrue182

    heat. said:great composition.
  • Butch the Butcher

    chad manzo said:rules hard.

    so hard!
  • JeffByNight

    so goood, you nailed it man
  • LaFlamme

    Jason's mask is alway a pure pleasure to draw... so was this design ;o)
  • gorgome

    cityhall said:so good
  • PitchGrim

    Love it
  • S-CAPS

    PitchGrim said:Love it
  • Kyle Crawford

    it sucks!
  • treycook

    Holy LaFlamme.
  • Jason Carne

    Best of the line, solid job on this one.
  • GuNoir

    Kyle Crawford said:it sucks!
  • MARTCH24 it
  • moza

    your rules sir
    awesome and very that
  • Eric Larson

    the boat!
  • skeletorART

  • deekin

    Damn, this is impressive!
  • B_West

    I would like to use this on a show flier. Is that possible? This drawing is beyond impressive!
  • markusmanson

    damn good!

    deekin said:Damn, this is impressive!
  • Kyle Crawford

    B_West said:I would like to use this on a show flier. Is that possible? This drawing is beyond impressive!

    go fuck yourself
  • Raw Meat

    Dear Mr LaFlamme,

    Please stop producing awesome designs, and give someone else a chance.


    PS, it rules!
  • B_West

    hah ok, good job on not coming off as a totally arrogant dickface. But who cares right? You are a pretty good t-shirt designer...and you don't have to take shit from anyone! ;]
  • Locust Years

    Great job on this. Looks great!
  • taki tricks

    perfect one,.
  • Favela.Inc

    A print of this one would display reaall nice!
  • ValorApparel

    I literally found your youtube channel not too long ago, then i find this as well on here. *shits pants with inspiration* lol
  • xDerickJamesx

    chad manzo said:rules hard.
  • graphicollapse


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