It is an unfortunate fact that too many people shut themselves off from knowing other people. This way of thinking needs to be changed! Humans by nature are social beings. We are supposed to share our experiences and ideas with each other, and look past our [few] differences. By doing this we open ourselves up to meeting new people and enriching experiences. As the quotes says, we should Build bridges, not walls.

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  • Random

    Big thanks to SmithsCanvas for the artwork! Cheers Dav.
  • Setup85

    You did it again. To good!
  • Adhesive Hippo

    This is great.
  • uglybetsy

    yep! no texture, good job
  • oohdoyle

    uglybetsy said:yep! no texture, good job

  • BluuDreams

    uglybetsy said:yep! no texture, good job

    I'm joining the bandwagon on this one
  • heat.

  • cmeyers

    y u no vintage texture?

    looks awesome. will buy.
  • Reap And Relive

    Love it!
  • theSkywatcher

    Big fan of your brand and SmithsCanvas, well done :)
  • SethByrd

    Very clean, nice work!
  • Random

    Thank you guys I really appreciate the kind words.
    Cheers to you all!
  • Random

    Yeeeeeah TOTD!

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