simple one approved for foster the people.

  • dobi

    auto approve activated!
  • cmeyers

    dobi said:auto approve activated!

    honored. will use wisely.
  • heat.

    nice dude
  • Streetcorner

    very cool!
  • Among Villains

    I was wondering why you hadn't been on auto-approve yet, nice stuff man.
  • 13UG-13th

    Streetcorner said:very cool!
  • TenTimesKarma

    totally into this
  • lonelykidsclub

    Oh man this is so good! Suits the band perfectly.
  • Brock May

    your one of my favs on here man!
  • Anthony Smith

    Ermm, yes. Yes please.
  • Craig Robson

    Anthony Smith said:Ermm, yes. Yes please.
  • wotto

    Brock May said:your one of my favs on here man!
  • Sam Kaufman

    Really nice bud
  • ExaltedByMark.

    Simply amazing!
  • ShineOn

    You've been on fire lately. Really nice one
  • cmeyers

    wow, thanks everyone... means a lot!
  • Matt Borchert

    Awesome tee, great client, and grats on the auto-approve!
  • deekin

    justinjuno said:Great work!
  • itcamefromthesky

    Perfect for them, dude!
  • cityhall

    So subtle and beautiful. Would make an awesome screen printed poster too.
  • Denimous Snake

    This is simple? This is awesome.

    Just curious, why use the red? for the 'the'?
  • cmeyers

    thanks everyone

    Denimous Snake said:This is simple? This is awesome.

    Just curious, why use the red? for the 'the'?

    for some reason i felt it needed to be different than the blue/gray. i didn't want it to associate with certain letters i guess. i didn't try it, so it might look good, i just wanted a different color for that word and the faded red turned out nicely i think.
  • Who is Ryan C.

  • Jake DL

    great! I love the use of the red.

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