Design for a Pyknic/Danger Radio collab. Nice and bright with fluorescent inks. They're GRRRRREAT!!

Stay tuned for a link when it gets printed and goes on sale.

  • Geoff May

  • Kolby

    This is really cool.
  • geoff

    I love it. Hopefully it won't be 50 bucks so I can afford to own it.
  • Joshua Stomberg

    hello soon to be TOTD, how are you?
  • Kyle Crawford

    i think it rules, but the clasp the band name is hanging on looks weird
  • Joshua Stomberg

    alexgoldstein said: Xtreme

    harold and kumar?
  • litoQ

    holy crap that sht is serious! A+
  • Geoff May

    sittingduck said: hello soon to be TOTD, how are you?

    Haha. I appreciated the vote of confidence but I think it's a tad premature.
  • derekdeal

    really great work dude!
  • collisiontheory

    i'm diggin yor style now geoff
  • R-A

    sweet best so far!

    altho the medallion looks like it should be 3-d

    still loved!
  • sockmonkee

    great work mang!
  • justinryan

  • Geoff May

    Thanks everyone for the kind words!
  • Joshua Stomberg

    haha I called it didn't I?
  • Geoff May

    sittingduck said: haha I called it didn't I?

    You've got the gift of sight beyond sight.
  • Birdie31

    haha nice
  • chrisrushing

    i feel like the whole thing is squished, compressed, whatever you want to call it.
  • Geoff May

    Which font? The Danger Radio one? If so, I have no clue, that's their logo.
  • Geoff May

    It's coming out soon. I promise. If Pyknic doesn't print it then I will\. I have faith in them though. It'll be out soon.
  • jumpy


    very cool. great colors.
  • Greg Abbott

    I love your style, so swooshy!
  • Geoff May

    EB Designs & Apparel said: Hey,

    I'm new to the site...And I don't want to sound like "the noob" or anything...But what did you use to design this? Was it hand sketched, then traced in Illustrator?
    I LOVE your design style and would love a little advice, for some design techniques!


    Yeah, this one I drew with pencil and paper and then redrew in Illustrator. Since this piece, though, I've just been drawing with a pen tablet and then turning that into a vector and coloring in Illustrator. It saves a lot of time that way and the linework seems to flow better.

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