another mashup, hope you like!

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  • dobi

    auto approve activated!
  • vo_maria

  • verso

  • Hafaell_

  • campkatie

    ha great
  • choppre

    lol genius!
  • heat.

    ahaha great!
  • Jason Oddone

    one of the best Mario parodies I have seen.
  • Streetcorner

    I really like this!
  • Andrew Haines

  • chad manzo

    this is crazy!
  • TenTimesKarma

    Jason Oddone said:one of the best Mario parodies I have seen.
  • Ciro

    haha awesome :D
  • verso

    thanks guys!
  • Jupit

    interesting, even though I don't see the connection.
  • 13UG-13th

    Hafaell_ said:Dope.
  • Datasetâ„¢

    love it!
    Great illustration style too
  • vinbasshred

    love Toad in the front, dude looks fly.
  • rainando

    one of the best shirt design i've ever seen. it looks wicked on t shirt. i'd totaly wear that.
  • verso

    thanks for the positive feedback! much appreciated!
  • ppptvctr

    this is so good!
  • jeremiah was a

    This is awesome
  • kayas

    I pinned this! great work~
  • dimsdimaas

    Simple but great!
  • Somaon

    Love this one ha ha!

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