Weirdwolf - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

  • mekazoo

  • Craig Robson

  • Brock May

    bonkers dude!
  • cityhall

  • Citizen Rifferson

    cheers! thought it was about time I did something on a purple tee..
  • Jamers

    awesome stuff
  • TenTimesKarma

  • chad manzo

    totally rad. so into this!
  • kevinluong

    Awesome! The moon speech-bubble is genius. Especially digging the hatching/sprinkles-effect you got going on at the bottom of the flannel shirt. Great little details all around.
  • WLH2

    Love this for sure!
  • SethByrd

    A little too bright for my taste, but this is really awesome. Voted!
  • Jman

    Love it!
  • mark bennett

    this is sweeeeettt love your style
  • ppptvctr

    totally dig this! love how you did the bitmap thingy! keep it up!

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