Probably not Mintees' cup of tea... Did this as a fun type experiment, all hand drawn, but thought it'd look good on a shirt.

Get at me if you're interested.

  • mrdavenport

    Crumby process shot
  • Napalm Tree

  • Jake DL

    just saw this on dribbble, good stuff!
  • Obscure

    i love this!!!!!!
  • wotto

  • tager01

    I Digg it!!!
  • cmeyers

    why wouldn't this be mintees' cup of tea? looks great.

    wotto said:nice
  • .Ragnampiza

    This awesome hand drawn type of yours make me wanna try to make some,too. Good stuff!
  • RoboPato

    Freakin' clean! Love the added textures.
  • SethByrd

    LOVE IT.
  • dovemans

    sweet stuff man!
  • semaj4712

    Where do I get one?

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