Approved design for Cancer Bats

  • anchored by land

    I like Z eye
  • JeffByNight

    nice, sets kinda weird on the shirt though
  • Marek Mundok

    Like it.
  • heat.

  • Betraydan

  • Zeb Love

    Very cool
  • ShineOn

    Love this one
  • alrightok

    agreed w/ jeff. overall very nice graphic though.

    So good!
  • Highscore

    this rules. just get rid of those tiny bits of black near the handle of the sword. its left over from the circle but you dont need it there, your eye will fill in the rest. but it ruuules.
  • Jake DL

    Looks great man, nice work!
  • freaktone

    looking great!!
  • Haniel

    Clean Work! Like it.
  • chriskillerartworx

    saw this at their tour booth lately - looks damn good!

    looks very cool!
  • SethByrd

    Very clean, I love it!
  • guentergoetzer

    nice job!! love it
  • Matthias Szijj

    Yes i bought this shirt at their show. Awesome design dude!
  • jobe

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