3 colors on coffee or leaf, shit's for sale.

  • againstbound

    Endless (coffee)

    Endless (leaf)
  • Zuriel

    Very awesome. Check your mail please.
  • heat.

    Love that green one!
  • horacekjoe

    brown is my favorite. you've got a cool style going on dude. cheers!
  • Craig Robson

    very talismanic! i love it. i imagine that sword to be floppy though, like the singing one from who framed roger rabbit.
  • iloveantix

    I love your style - everything works so well together.
  • Chreck

    damnnnn! this one!
  • ndough

    GOODS !
  • Betraydan

  • x Nau x

    I just see it and instantly reminds me of Zelda games.
    Very good Sir!
  • RustyEight

    Nintendo needs to hire you.
  • againstbound

    Thanks a lot, guys!

    RustyEight said:Nintendo needs to hire you.

    Man, you constantly give me the best compliments!

    Zuriel said:Very awesome. Check your mail please.

    I just responded to a few mails, not sure if yours was there.
  • Zuriel

    Think it was yes. Thanks!

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